How Long is the Surrogacy Process?

The timeline for surrogacy is longer than you may think! In addition to the nine months of pregnancy, there are screenings, medical procedures, contract signing, and matching that takes up more time than just the typical pregnancy timeline.

Here’s what you should generally expect before the pregnancy:

(Note: This timeline is not the same for everyone, just a general approximation)


Application and Screening 1-2 Months

After you apply to become a surrogate, you are subject to an application process where the agency analyzes your viability as a surrogate. You will be evaluated based on our requirements for the surrogacy process and interviewed by the staff to see if you’re a good fit.

During this time, we will also gather medical records and perform initial screenings to ensure you can enter our surrogate pool. You will also be asked for preferences on your Intended Parents before the matching process begins.


Matching 1 week to a Month

Once you’re cleared as a surrogate, you go into our matching process! You’ll review profiles of Intended Parents, and get to select who you like the best to have a call with. The call is like a “first date” with Intended Parents, where you can determine if you want to work with them. If all goes well, you could be matched that quickly! At Simple Surrogacy you have full control over which Intended Parents you work with, so don’t be afraid to say no if you’re not feeling the connection!

If both parties say yes after the meeting, you move into the next phase of the process.


Records Review, Medical Screening, and Contracts 1-2 Months

After you find the perfect Intended Parents to work with, Your medical records will be sent to the Intended Parent’s clinic, and they will schedule you for the in-person medical screening. Once the Medical screening is cleared,you will select an attorney and we’ll begin  working through the contracts so that everything is legally set in place before the pregnancy begins.


Once the legal contracts are finalized, and escrow is funded, the medical process begins.

Final Notes

Not everyone’s journey is ruled by these time frames. Some people meet the perfect Intended Parents on the first try, while others may wait months to find the right match. Others may struggle with medical evaluations or have some discrepancies come up in the legal proceedings.

While this time frame is not accurate for everyone, it is a nice guideline for estimating how long your journey will take.

If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate, reach out to Simple Surrogacy here.

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