Surrogate Mother Compensation

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Pre-pregnancy Benefits
  • Invasive Procedure fee for screening
  • All travel expenses to IVF clinic paid for you AND companion – including childcare, lost wages, meal allowance and all travel costs.
  • $300/monthly allowance after contracts
  • $500 Start of medication fee
  • $1,000 per transfer attempt per embryo – paid immediately
  • Personal escrow advocate to ensure all payments
  • Independent legal counsel provided for you at no cost
  • $3,000+ in expected benefits
Benefits during pregnancy
  • $300 / month Miscellaneous Fee, $350 / month twins) ($3,000+ total)
  • $800 (singleton) or $1,000 (multiples) Maternity Clothing Allowance
  • Morning Sickness care package
  • $3,500 C-Section fee or $2,000 for a repeat C-section fee
  • 2 weeks of lost wages paid for a vaginal delivery, 6 weeks for a c-section (per doctor requirements)
  • Childcare paid for recovery time
  • 24/7 Coordinator Support by a Surrogate who has been through our program
  • $750 Surrogate retreat Gift (for our retreat or your own)
  • $250,000 Life Insurance Policy
  • Push presents and Bump Box Gift
  • Medical and Financial Billing Personal assistant
  • 24/7 access to your escrow portal showing expected payments and sent payments
  • 2 day processing of all reimbursement requests


Additional Benefits as needed
  • $500 Mock Cycle Fee
  • $500 Cancelled Cycle (non-medical reasons)
  • $1,500  / $5,000 Pregnancy Termination
  • $1,500 Selective Reduction
  • $500 Per Invasive Procedure
  • $5,400+ Doctor-Ordered Bedrest (lost wages and childcare)
  • $5,000 Reproductive Organ Loss
  • $3,500 Caesarean Section (subsequent $2,000)
  • $15,000 Multiples Fee

In addition to the above benefits, what you gain with Simple Surrogacy is the support and understanding from a Women-owned agency run by previous surrogates and egg donors. We have been in your position, and we know exactly how to support Surrogates throughout their journeys. Our over 19 years of experience combined with our intimate knowledge of what it takes to be a surrogate can make your journey the ideal, life-enhancing experience it should be!

The initial application takes just 3-5 minutes and can be done right online, feedback given on 100% of applications!



Total Compensation, Benefits and Expenses$58,500 and UP

Depending on state of residence, experience


Gestational Surrogate Base Compensation

Paid to Surrogate in 8 equal installments over the course of the pregnancy, beginning with confirmation of pregnancy via heartbeat through ultrasound.

First time Surrogate$50,000

Average, some states additional, NY, CT, WA, NY, ask your coordinator!

First time Surrogate with lnsurance coveríng materníty (no Exclusions or payback)$55,000

Average, some states are more, ask your coordinator!

Traditional Surrogates$55,000+

Starting at $55,000

Experienced Surrogates$55,000+

Experienced Surrogates name their own compensation within reason. Add $5,000 bonus for good Surrogacy-friendly Insurance and $5,000 additional for each time previously you have been a surrogate!


Monthly Allowance$300-$350 / month

In lieu of itemized reimbursements, this monthly fee covers expenses during pregnancy. This includes prenatal vitamins, phone calls, faxing, childcare or wages for local appointments, home pregnancy tests, notary expenses and other misc. expenses.

$300 / Monthly
$350 / Monthly for Twins beginning at pregnancy confirmation
APROX $3,000 singleton
APROX $3,500 twins

Maternity Clothing Allowance$800-$1,000

$800 singleton
$1,000 multiples

Start Meds fee / Embryo Transfer Fee$500 / $1,000

$500 paid at start of Medication.

$1,000 Paid after each embryo transfer procedure.

$500 Start of Meds Fee

$1,000 per embryo transferred / per transfer
Plus actual expenses

Invasive Procedure Fee$500

To compensate for invasive procedures.

$500 / per procedure

IUI Fee$250

Paid per cycle for IUIs in Traditional Surrogates. Not paid to Gestational Surrogates who receive the transfer fee.

$250 / cycle

Surrogate Retreat Gift$750

Retreat taken every year by Surrogates who have delivered in our program. This is a gift you give your surrogate post delivery.

Estate Planning Documents (If requested or required)$1,500 value

Each Surrogate, if requested or required legally for your state, will receive documents drafted for the Intended Parent’s rights at the hospital, that continue to cover the surrogate beyond delivery. These documents are Declaration of Guardianship for her Children, Medical Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney and HIPPA. We design these documents to continue to work for you beyond the surrogacy. We do not draft wills for surrogates.

If not requested or required by the state of delivery, there is no monetary value or payment to the surrogate.

Life lnsurance$450 Value

Each Surrogate will receive the benefit of a $250,000 minimum Life Insurance policy in the event of their demise, paid to their family. Intended Parent(s) can also have policy pay an amount to them.

$450 Value


Lost WagesTDB

Lost wages are determined by actual after-tax earnings and varies based on disability insurance and actual earnings for working Surrogates only. These are paid for Transfer and Bed Rest or work restriction.

Depends on Surrogate’s hourly wage

Insurance available for bedrest lost wages.

Expect to cover lost wages during pregnancy as well as recovery wages post delivery.

Lost Wages for Spouse$3,000

There may be lost wages for spouse (after tax earnings as verified by recent pay stub) for medical evaluation trip, embryo transfer trip, invasive procedures, legal filings, emergencies and if necessary for birth.

Depends on hourly wage

Meal Allowance$50/day average

If travel of more than half a day is necessary to fulfill obligations under the contract.

$50 / day Average

Travel ExpensesTBD

Includes possible hotel, parking, round-trip economy airfare for GS and companion (if required), travel to and from airport.


Local Travel$.585 / mile

If Surrogate is required to travel by car to doctor, clinic visits, monitoring clinic, etc. Mileage is only reimbursed after the first 100 round trip miles per trip.

$.585 / mile
or current IRS guidelines

Bed Rest Compensation$350 / week

If put on doctor ordered bed rest (during pregnancy, miscarriage, termination/selective reduction procedure, amniocentesis, etc.) This fee covers housekeeping and childcare.

$350 / week, $6,000 Cap
or per Surrogacy Agreement

Insurance available for this cost.

Twins Housekeeping Allowance$75/week

If carrying twins or greater, a housekeeping allowance paid to the Surrogate from 26 weeks of pregnancy, paid weekly.

$75 / week with receipts

Child Care$200 - $600

ln the event of needing childcare to fulfill contractual obligations.

$200 – $600 Per week, depending on number of children and surrogate agreement.

Multiple Fee$15,000

Fee paid for each additional child carried beyond one.

$15,000 / additional child

C-Section$3,500 / $2,000

To compensate for additional pain and suffering and added risks. The fees shown are typical but experienced Surrogates may request more than quoted amounts.

$3,500 first C-section,
$2,000 subsequent

Experienced surrogates may request more.


Milk Pumping$1 / ounce

Paid weekly for Milk Pumping following birth.

$1 per ounce

Plus all pumping expenses and shipping

Delay fee$200 / $250 Month

Paid if there is a 90 day delay between transfer attempts or if 6 months passes after contract signing, not due to surrogate.

$200 / month
$250 / month

Cancelled Cycle fee$500

Paid for non-medical cycle cancellation, not due to surrogate, after medication is started. This is rare.

Loss of Reproductive Capabilities$1,000 / $5,000

Any Loss of or loss of function to tubes, uterus, and/or complete hysterectomy, or surgery for an ectopic pregnancy.

$1,000 for most organs
$5,000 for uterus or hysterectomy

Insurance available to cover this cost.

Amniocentesis Fee$750 / $250

To compensate for the discomfort associated with amniocentesis.

$750 first needle insertion, $250 subsequent

D&C, Selective Reduction Termination$1,500

To compensate for additional pain and suffering and added risks. If a reduction or termination is requested after 14 weeks of Pregnancy, Compensation will be $5,000.

$1,500 per procedure

$5,000 if after 14 weeks due to it being surgical.

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